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Addendum and Update on RFP 18-01: West Contra Costa Express Bus Implementation Plan

WCCTAC has issued Addendum No. 01 to RFP 18-01 and has posted its responses to RFP Questions and Pre-Proposal Meeting Materials on its website. 

Following the release of WCCTAC’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for West Contra Costa Express Bus Implementation Plan (RFP No. 18-01), WCCTAC held a Pre-Proposal Meeting on April 16, 2018.  Materials from that meeting are posted on the WCCTAC website. These include a modified version of the presentation given that day, the meeting sign-in sheet and an audio recording of the meeting. In response to questions received at that meeting and via email, WCCTAC prepared a memo "Responses to Questions April 19, 2018" and is issuing Addendum #1 to RFP No. 18-01.  These documents are available on the WCCTAC website under Opportunities-Request for Proposals (

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