"Pass 2 Class" Student Transit Ticket Program



Pass2Class is an established program that offers one month free public transit passes at the beginning of the school year to students in West Contra Costa County to encourage the use of buses to and from school. The Pass2Class program reduces traffic congestion and air pollution in the community by reducing the number of trips made by parents to take students to school.

Important note for WCCUSD High School Students: While Pass2Class only has funds to offer a single month pass to each student per year, West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) administers a program that provides passes every month of the entire school year to high schools students (grades 9 – 12) in WCCUSD who also qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program. If you qualify, please apply to that program, not Pass2Class. Apply to the WCCUSD High School Free and Reduced Lunch Bus Pass Program HERE or call (510) 307-4526 for more information.

Pass2Class Eligibility Requirements

The application must be completed by a parent / guardian.

  • The father / mother / guardian must agree to have your student take the bus to travel to school instead of driving students to and from school.
  • Students must be registered in a public or private school (grades 1-12) located in Crockett, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Hercules, Kensington, Pinole, Richmond, Rodeo or San Pablo, or other communities within West Contra Costa County.
  • The father / mother / guardian must agree to complete a follow up survey to determine the effectiveness of the Pass2Class program.

Program Rules

  • Applications will be available online starting on July 1, and running until program funds are all used. Completed applications must be submitted during that window period.
  • Each student is eligible to receive either one (1) AC Transit 31-day pass OR one (1) WestCAT 31-day pass, per student for up to three (3) students per household.
  • Falsifying any information on this application will disqualify you from the Pass2Class program and ALL 511 Contra Costa programs.
  • 511 Contra Costa Pass2Class program has the right to make any changes to the eligibility requirements of the program and program rules at any time without prior notice.
  • The transit tickets will be sent directly to the student’s home address listed on the application.
  • We reserve the right to verify student enrollment information with the school
  • Available while supplies last


Visit www.pass2class.org for more information about the program.